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Those who value themselves and their fitness have consistently chosen Fitness System for over 5 years! What makes them choose us? Fitness System is dedicated to promoting and growing a culture that values and promotes positivity, as well as physical and mental strength. We do this by providing the most expansive, diverse and cutting edge selection of equipment and group fitness classes, all the while delivering Make You Happy Customer Service. That’s right, Fitness System is obsessed with making YOU happy. We want to deliver an incredible experience for you every time. We do this so that you can be your best you. We do this so that you will want to be a part of our culture and invite other dedicated individuals to be a part of the culture as well. Fitness System exists to inspire you, to motivate you. We do what we do so that you can do what you do better than ever before.

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Why Fitness System?

We don’t have to say that we are the best choice for you when it comes to your health. Why? Lions don’t need to say out loud that they are King of the Jungle. They just are. Fitness System doesn’t need to say it. We’d rather just prove it to our members, day in and day out, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are some people that settle for corporate BS gyms. There are those who pay excessive amounts for limited services and facilities. Fitness System members do not settle. They are obsessed with improvement. They are dedicated to physical and emotional strength. So why don’t we say we’re the best? We don’t need to. Beware of those who do.

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We’re proud to offer our members multiple options, from Prepaids to Monthly EFTs.

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Want to try us out before signing up? No problem – we offer day, week and month passes.


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12 Months Prepaid – $449

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NOTE: Our current specials are not always listed or available online. Please stop by the facility for a tour and to ask about any membership specials we may be offering.


  • I have been a member at fitness system for  about 4 months, I really enjoy this gym. The staff always greets me and my daughters with a smile. There are plenty of machines so I can switch up my workout, the trainers are always wiling to lend training or diet advise, and the tanning beds are always clean and ready to use at my disposal.

    Thank you Fitness System staff as long as I live in west Sacramento you'll have a loyal member!!!!

    Author image
    • Danielle
    • Gym Member
  • I always come here during the nights/morning around 1:30 am after my long shift and the night crew always has the gym prepared for use. Sorta amazes me that everything so clean and ready to go I never have to worry about weights all over the place. And they're always so friendly. Big reason why I stay at this gym is the employees are so friendly but I gotta give major props though to the night crew- it's hard to stay up at these hours but these guys who are on shift are always wide awake and ready to help and answer any question. And showers always clean 🙂 I love fitness system keep up the great work guys. I've been around the block at many gyms but fitness system in West Sacramento is the best gym in Sacramento hands down!!!

    Author image
    • Jerrold
    • Gym Member
  • One of the best gyms in the area -- open, positive energy, encouraging, clean, economical, fun, well-lit, super-friendly staff -- this is the one for people who want to get healthy and stay healthy. Member for three years; highly recommended.

    Author image
    • Brian
    • Gym Member
  • I have now been going to fitness system for a year and I am very pleased. They have all the equipment I need and more. So whatever my goals are, I know I have the tools to reach those goals. I rarely have to wait to use a station or machine and the environment is friendly. Also, the price is unbeatable and I can add family to my plan, making it cheaper if the bill is spread out.

    Author image
    • Scott
    • Gym Member
  • Honestly this place is the best gym in Sacramento area. Great membership prices, big spacious workout floor, and a powerlifting platform for the big lifters. Every trainer in here is amazing and has clients winning shows left and right! Definitely come in and talk to the trainers if you're interested in doing shows or looking great

    Author image
    • Nick
    • Gym Member
  • This is my family! Every single individual in this gym had a small part in my success at the #govcup2016. I'm so proud of being part of the #fitnesssystemwestsac family. The staff is amazing, thanks to the leadership of Manager Lomeli Manuel who takes his job very seriously in every aspect and detail. If you're interested in personal training team #ironbodiesnminds with elite coach Marco Hernandez who's ready to take care of all your training, nutrition and supplementation needs. The Powerlifters are always pushing themselves to achieve new PRs everyday. Additionally, #crosstraining, #zumba, #yoga, and #spinning classes are available for free to our members. This is a #zeroexcuses environment, become part of this family and you will achieve all your fitness goals faster than you ever dream off. Hope to see you there!

    "Strive for perfection, achieve excellence!"

    Author image
    • Remi R.
    • Gym Member
  • This gym is the best! I can not rave enough about how great of a place this is!  They have tons of exercise equipment/machines/weights and a great selection of classes that take place all the time.

    Author image
    • Meredith
    • Gym Member