Outdoor Lift/Class Schedule

INDOOR NOW OPEN!!!! Call us for more info!!!


OPEN LIFT now available outside!!! We have moved some barbells, benches, kettlebells & more out back so you can train! Hours are 6:30am – 9:00pm for open gym. Please call us for info.

We are also offering outdoor classes! Check the current schedule below, and come join in! No appointments needed to join a class, except Spinning (25 bikes available, reservations can be made 24 hours prior to class time.)

We ask that you try to limit your time to no more than 60 minutes, to allow others to get their training in, while we follow social distancing guidelines. We are doing our best to provide our members with options to maintain their health and fitness while we are forced to keep the indoor part of our business closed. Our staff and instructors are all working very hard to deliver as best we can, we thank you for your understanding!

Please remember…

By entering the facility you declare that you are not currently sick with a communicable disease, nor have you experienced any symptoms within the past 15 days, and you are willing to testify that you are healthy and virus-free. Additionally, you may be subject to a temperature check.

All CDC guidelines will be followed, including social distancing, sanitization and disinfecting of surfaces. The Governor has mandated the use of facial coverings upon entering and exiting the premises. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, you are exempt. Due to HIPAA and the 4th Amendment we cannot legally ask you about your medical condition. Therefore, if we see you without a mask, we will assume you have a medical condition and will welcome you into our business.